Six safety actions that every hunter must follow

Safety when practicing sport hunting is not a game, carelessness can cost a life Accidents are caused by recklessness or carelessness, so it is an obligation to adopt all the necessary safety measures to avoid or reduce the risk of an accident.

They are simple actions that can save your life.

1.- Hunting Clothing is a key element for your safety

To choose your hunting clothes , we have to start from the climate and the type of hunting you are going to practice.

The clothing you choose should protect you from the sun's rays, be breathable and resistant to rubbing against brush and soil. You can safely choose dick's sporting good equipment and be comfortable at all times.

Here's a good tip: use the Multilayer System
The idea is to achieve maximum protection, with minimum weight and maximum mobility, and that is achieved with this system.

It's three layers

Did you know? When hunting and not covering your head you can lose up to 40% of body heat

Always wear a cap or hat that protects and insulates you.

The same happens with the hands, which quickly get cold, and when in action it is important not to lose the sensitivity or mobility of the fingers, preferably wear gloves.

2.- Hunting Boots are Very Important

As in any other mountaineering activity, hunting boots acquire great importance. I recommend that you meet the following minimum requirements:

These qualities are only fulfilled by good hunting boots also called mountain or trekking,

They are characterized by:

I recommend that you choose a more or less robust design depending on the terrain and conditions in which you are going to hunt.

Remember, the boot is not the same to hunt in a mountain in winter than in the plains and with a summer climate. It all depends on where you will go hunting .

3.- Hunter's basic kit

A basic rule of all hunters is to carry a first-aid kit in their vehicle, it can be a plastic container with a hermetic seal like those used in the kitchen.

The first-aid kit must contain all the necessary material to deal with any health incidents that may arise.

This material will remain in the vehicle, but in your backpack or jacket carry at least one bandage, bandages, an antiseptic.

If someone in the hunting party requires a special medicine, it is best to carry extra doses, inconveniences may arise and it is better to be forewarned.

4.- Extreme care when maneuvering weapons

Hunting weapons are instruments of pressure and firearms safety during any maneuver is of utmost importance.

Here are some general recommendations:

Firearm safety during the transfer:

Firearm safety during cleaning.

Firearms must be cleaned every time they are used for target practice or sport hunting.

During cleaning, you should not have ammunition on the same table where you work with the weapon, since you run the risk of loading it unconsciously, which could lead to an accident.

To clean it, it is advisable to follow the instructions and information provided in the user manual, using the products specified therein, in order to keep the weapon in proper working order and preserve the original safety conditions.

Once cleaned, the firearm must be stored unloaded, locked, out of the reach of children.

5.- Prevention of health risks

The truth is that the average age of hunters is relatively HIGH, more than in other sports, and hunting is an activity that requires a long-term, moderate to intense physical effort.

As a hunter, try to stay in good physical shape by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and practicing some type of physical activity every day and not only during the weekend. Walking daily between 45 and 60 minutes at a fast pace will be enough.

Before hunting, it is necessary that we previously consult with our doctor, especially if we suffer from:

For him, taking into account our age and state of health, advise us on the attitudes and precautions that we must adopt to prevent the risk of suffering:

6.- Take care and preserve

This point is very relevant, there are hunters who have bad habits that affect the fauna and environment of the hunting areas, this can also contribute to accidents.

These are some recommendations.


If you take the proper measures for your hunting practice, handle your firearms responsibly and avoid careless mistakes in the field, SAFE! you will be able to enjoy many years of safe outdoor fun